Black Glass Glitter with  Custom Holographic Old English K Design.
Candy Red Powder Coated Hardware.


20 X 18


10 X 8
12 X 9
13 x 11
14 x 12


13 X 6
Black Glass Glitter with  Custom Holographic Old English K Design.
Candy Red Powder Coated Hardware.

13 x 6
Black Glass Glitter Spike Series

12 x 5.5
Red Glass Glitter
Candy Red Powder Coated Hardware.

Kevin Lamar plays for 2009 break out artist Asher Roth but he certainly isn’t a rookie..
An accomplished drummer, Kevin Lamar is on the rise as one of the finest drummers on today’s music scene. He possesses both talent and skill and also exemplifies true musicianship. Nurtured in a talented family of musicians and singers, music is interwoven into the very fabric of his being. Music is his destiny – every heartbeat exudes a natural sense of rhythm. His outgoing personality, skill, and his dedication to the art of drumming distinguishes Kevin as one of the top drummers of this age.

Since the early 90’s, he has been diligent in crafting a sound reminiscent of a blend of gospel, R&B, hip-hop and fusion. His start was in a small church in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey. Kevin laughs at the memories of his first drum as if it were yesterday; “It was a tiger skin print, Ludwig 12” tom, with a base drum peg in the corner, which was used as a high hat”. Back then; as he beat his drum, he recalls eagerly awaiting his chance to play as he watched his uncle on a full kit. He soon got his opportunity and has been rocking ever since.

Recently, hitting the Atlanta scene by storm, he has rocked at venues such as Apache & Sugar Hill playing for Tweet, Jaguar Wright, Glenn Lewis and many more. He has appeared on The Carson Daly Show and is currently earning frequent flyer miles traveling from state to state, and soon continent to continent, touring as a highly sought drummer.

Kevin Lamar is currently hard at work wearing two hats – not only is he on tour with artist Asher Roth, but he is also establishing his own production company: Gr8 Trakz Productions.