Brown Satin Stain with White Powder Coated Hardware.
Custom Wood Badges.


22 X 20


10 x 8
12 X 8
14 x 12
16 X 14

Tim Yokley started his drum career in elementary school playing percussion for the school band, timpani, cymbals and snare. Once in Junior High and High School, Tim joined the marching band playing the bass drum and snare developing his chops. Tim opened “The Space Music Studio” in Tempe, Arizona early 2008 as a place for local musicians to network and share their music. Tim joined forces with the Band Weird is the New Cool in 2009 where they began building the band from the ground up; This high energy group straight out of Tempe, Arizona is sure to blow your mind with their energetic stage show and amazing music. Sharing the stage throughout their young career with National Acts such as; 311, Street Sweeper Social Club, Middle Class Rut, and Authority Zero just to name a few. With their recent release of their 2nd music video “Arizona” ft Jason DeVore of Authority Zero they’ve continued to rise as one of the top acts in the scene. Cameos in the video include Jason Devore as “The Bum”, Steve Nash(Phoenix Suns), John jay and Rich(1047KissFM), Gadger(X1039), Danny Torgenson(Captain Squeegee), Dj Kris Steel. Recent releases on iTunes have catapulted them into the worldwide arena and they are set to record their first full length Album in New York later this year with Doug White former producer of the Gym Class Heroes.

Current Music Videos:
“Arizona” Ft Jason DeVore of Authority Zero

“Beer Pong”

Tim is also a part of DJ/Drum outfit “The Wednesday Machine” featuring DJ Blue Collar Prophet (Jim Wilcox of Authority Zero) and DJ Switch (Stephen Wasile)