Wood Shells – We offer 100% Birch or Maple Keller V.S.S. Drum shells. Bass drum and tom shells are 6 ply’s thick. Snare drum shells are offered from 6 ply’s up to 50 ply’s thick. All drums can be ordered up to 24 inches deep.

Vintage Shells – We offer V.S.S. Keller Vintage Mahogany shells are made from African Mahogany outer and inner Ply’s with a North American Poplar core.

Solid Stave Shells / Steam bent shells – We are able to produce solid stave shells or steam bent shells in any type of wood and they are available in all sizes, thicknesses, and depths.

Acrylic Shells – We offer acrylic shells in many different colors, sparkles, and designs. Acrylic shells are approximately ¼ inch thick.

Brass Shells – We offer brass shells in various sizes and depths. Brass shells come standard in a black chrome finish, but can be powder coated any color.

Metal shells- We offer many different metals in almost any size and thickness. These shells can be powder coated any color.

Hybrid Shells – We are able to make wood/acrylic hybrid shells in almost all finishes, sizes, and colors.

Hollow Body Snares – Snare drums are available in 26 or 30 ply thicknesses. Each snare has a 10 ply thick hollow chamber inside with a vent hole on the inner shell and a vent hole on the opposite side outer shell. The air travels through the inner chamber, causing a louder reverb sound.

Bearing Edges – All drums come with a double 45 degree bearing edge. All shells have a 3 ply thick outer edge, allowing the head to seat perfectly on the drum, and causing a deeper, longer resonating tone.


Lugs – We use our “Vintage style” lugs as a standard on all drums.

Tube Lugs – Tube lugs are available as an upgrade for a minimal fee per drum. The tube lugs we use are 1 1/2 inch long solid brass on toms, and a special raised 1 1/2 inch tube lug for the bass drum. The tube lug used on snares varies in size, depending on the height of the snare.

Hoops – We use 2.3mm hoops on all toms and snare drums.

Die Cast Hoops – Die Cast Hoops are available as an upgrade option on toms and snare drums.

Wood Hoops – Wood hoops are available for both snares and toms. We offer two styles of wood hoops, including the Yamah style wood hoops, and vintage style wood hoop- hides the drum head and uses claws. Wood hoops are available in all sizes.

Die Cast Claws – Solid designed die cast claws are used on bass drums for maximum strength and support.

Throw Offs – We use a vintage style flip-open throw off. All throw off components are made out of steel. We also offer Trick, Dunnet, and Nickleworks throw offs.

Powder Coating – All of the hardware can be powder coated in any color. There are thousands of colors to choose from, including, sparkles, glow-in-the-dark, and textured finishes. Before powder coating, all metal is sandblasted to prevent chipping of the powder coating.

Drum Heads – Remo drum heads come exclusively on all drums. Coated Vintage Emperor heads are used on the batter side and clear Ambassador heads are used on the resonant side. Smooth white power stroke 3 heads comes standards on the base drum, with a clear power stroke 3 on the batter side.


High Gloss – Any color can be stained with a high gloss clear coat sprayed over to show the grain of the wood.

Satin Finish – Any color can be stained with a low gloss satin finish sprayed over to show the grain of the wood.

Painted Finishes – Drums can be painted in any color, including sparkles, stripes, and other various custom designs.

Wraps – Drums can be wrapped in a large varety of diffrent sparkles, glosses, perals, glass glitters & other diffrent types of wraps.

Veneers – We offer exotic wood Veneers available in almost every species of wood. Veneers can have a satin or high gloss finish applied to them and can be stained in any color.