Lugs/Snare Strainer/Mounting Systems/Tension Rods/etc...

Standard color choices include: Chrome, Brass(Gold), Black Nickel, Flat Black, White... sometimes we have satin chrome and aztec gold available.

Custom color choices: unlimited power-coated colors. A really deep flat black on your hardware is best achieved by powdercoating (upgrade)

Turquoise sparkle - black powder coated hardware

Turquoise sparkle - black powder coated hardware


We use die cast lugs and the Vintage Style/Beaver Tail is our standard lug.

We also have other styles to choose from

Snare Strainer

Every snare includes a snare strainer like in the picture below. You also have the option to upgrade to a Trick Multi-Step Throwoff (Upgrade)

Tension Rods

We pick and use the correct length for your drum. We typically just match the tension rods to the rest of the hardware but sometimes it's a really nice touch to mismatch for some extra contrast

tension rods.jpg

Mounting Systems

Here are the standard mounting brackets that we use. While some people prefer to use a snare stand for there rack tom, please specify if you don't want a bracket mounted.

Suspension mounts (upgrade) help keep the drum more true to the natural sound.

We offer suspension systems for hanging toms and floor toms.