Triple Flange

2.3mm Triple flange hoops: These are the standard hoops for our toms... they are the most desired as well. You can go up to 3.0 on toms but usually drummers are disappointed with the loss of tone.

3.0mm Triple flange hoops: Being heavier and thicker than the 2.3, this allows the desired tone we usually want on our snares. It allows for a little more attack and less sustain... giving it a more focused sound.


These are not standard and will come with an upgrade cost. But if you typically aren't happy with your snare sounds and want as little sustain as possible or if you need a little more forgiveness with your snare tuning, these may be exactly what you are looking for.

Wood Hoops

maple Wooden hoops (with claws) are the standard hoops on our Bass Drums. They are also available for toms as an upgrade. They give you a warmer sound, if that's what you are looking for. We are big fans of the vintage look and sound that wood hoops bring to the drumset.

Yamaha Style Maple Hoops

These can give your kit even more of a custom look. If you compare it to your normal wood hoops, they give your drum more focus and an even softer sound (mainly since you are able to get rid of the claws).

Yamaha style wood hoops (upgrade)

Yamaha style wood hoops (upgrade)

We can also add an inlay to your bass drum hoops (upgrade)

Wood hoops - claws.jpg