Stains, Paints, Wraps… and Sound

The truth is most drummers struggle with tuning or they don't prefer an extremely wide range of tone and would rather just hold on to that warm low end. As a result, many drummers end up dampening their drums regardless. The extra weight on the shell (from the paint or wrap) will dampen the drums a little bit and give you a more focus with the tone. If that sounds a little familiar, paints or wraps may be a good option for you.

For a more wide range and versatility, we definitely recommend staying with natural finishes or stains and topping it off with a clear coat.


we love to see the natural beauty of the wood grain. Wraps and even some paints can dampen the natural sound of your drumkit. It may not be a crazy amount but a fine tuned ear can tell the difference... but then again, that dampening may be exactly what your drumset needs.

We can stain your natural shell to any darker color you can imagine. It doesn't just have to be a wood color stain... we can make that wood grain pop in blue, green, red or whatever you imagine. Not only are we fans of this option but it is also a little easier on your pocket.

A nice inlay with your paint or stain is always a great touch

Or you can always keep it clean with a natural finish


We use high quality automotive paint. It costs a little more but you get a very rich and full color. It will make it a little more durable and protect the integrity of the shell. The extra weight on the shell will dampen the drums a little bit and give you a little more conrol (same with drum wraps too)

Clear Coats

You choose whether you want your stain/paint to have a satin, flat/matte, or glossy finish


We have wraps of every kind... sparkle, glass glitter (like sparkle but better), pearl, oyster, marble... we can even create your own custom wrap. It's quite the upgrade but we can take any image (as long as it's the correct size and format) and turn it into a wrap on your custom drum kit.


Mahogany shells with black walnut veneer

Mahogany shells with black walnut veneer