Maverick Series Birch Wood

Maverick Series Birch Wood


Birch wood; gunstock stain and clear coated. Maple wood hoops with black stain on all shells with a white pearl inlay on the bass drum hoops. 24”x12”, 14”x8”, 18”x 10” (Not standard)

K Brakes included!

This kit is birch. Birch would normally be in the Kanon series but the way I cut the dimensions and used reinforcement rings on the bass, it has a much warmer sound than any typical birch... putting in more in the sound range of a Maverick drumset. This was also my experimental kit that I fell in love with. We’ve been using it for about one year in a small church sanctuary and it’s a little too much body for that room. Depending on the tuning, it can have a mighty thunderous attack or a good punchy low end... the high ends are very crisp but the dimensions are so big that the overall tone is much deeper. Less resonance and the sound rolls off really well.

This one is priced to go at less since it’s been slightly used here.

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