VISION & mission statement


The finest handcrafted drums in thE world…

Our #1 goal is to bring you the finest handcrafted drums in the world. Not only do we create the most visually stunning drumsets but we make sure that every Battlefield Drum created has the exact perfect tone that you are looking for. We also realize that it can be overwhelming with how many options there are when it comes to choosing your dream kit. The aesthetic is usually the easy part for the customer, the problem usually comes down to you knowing how to create that specific sound you want. So, in addition to our fully custom options, we've created three new drum series that will take away that frustration (The Kanon Series, the maverick series and the londyn series. Instead of creating drum series based on looks, we've created them based on their sound profile. Check them out in the shop and read the profile on each series ... you'll know which kit is the right one for you!

Mission Statement

“Fight for Justice”

We believe that every one of us have the opportunity to do good in this world every day. With so many people living just for themselves, there is so much room for us to make a difference. We can help those who are helpless and fight for those who can’t do anything about their situation.

Here at battlefield, we always have a mission that we are fighting for and a portion of our proceeds will always go towards fighting for justice. Whether we are helping build water wells in another country or helping organizations that rescue those who have been sold into trafficking… we will always be doing what we can to fight for justice.